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Non standard Minuet (Long leg): $2500-4000


Standard Minuet (shortleg): $3500-$6000


*Breeding right is available for registered catteries only

that share our breeding philosophy.

** Breeding quality is selected in extremely strict standards.

***National and international shipping is   available.

Health Guarantee

Our Kings and Queens are extremely healthy with no history of kidney, urinary tract, or heart diseases. We do DNA test on all of our breeding cats to prevent genetic problems. Our kittens was raised with love and care. We socialize them from a young age to develop healthy, friendly kittens. They were expose to normal household sounds and scenes with dog, kids, and other cats as a part of our family. 

The kittens will be ready for new home at 12-16 weeks old. They will have 2 shots of FVRCP, FeLV and dewormed. They will come home vetted, with their care basket, health insurance and 2 years health guarantee against congenital defects. Our kitten also come with a 15 days replacement guarantee against FIP, FIV, URI that is fatal or severely affect the kitten's quality of life. We guarantee to replace the kitten if there is any mentioned problem confirmed by a certified veterinarian during the guarantee periods.


1) Diets:

High quality protein sources with a rotating diet of homemade raw meat, wet can food and rehydrated freezedried. 

2) Brushing:

twice a day to to maintain a healthy fluffy coat.

3) bath and shower:

Once every 3 months

4) Hug and cuddles:

A lot- everyday

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